Plain Money ideas

Don’t hold a bunch of your employer’s stock!

In my book, I recommend not holding onto the stock of your own employer. Instead, the best strategy is “buy and hold index funds.” Those are diversified funds that have a little bit of each of wide variety of companies.

If you hold the stock of your employer, you’re taking a double chance. First, you’re taking the risk that a single stock will decline. But second, you’re taking the risk that when your company’s fortunes decline, you lose big in the stock market and lose from job-related effects.

Some employers will match your purchases of their stock. Fine. Find out the time limits and, as soon as you’re permitted, diversify out of your own employer’s stock.

There are many tales of woe from people at Enron, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and AIG that all made the same mistake — holding their own employer’s stock in large amounts. Don’t make the same mistake.