academic mice

“academic mice” is a web comic drawn by me, in my capacity as a professor of economics who is an amused observer of trends in higher education. The strip had a weekly run for one year in The Breeze and now appears sporadically as a web comic.

Simplicity House

Simplicity House is a new living idea for changing times: a house with two to four small dwelling units fronting on a relatively large common area, where innovative living arrangements can be modeled.

Worry-free investing

I wrote a book about personal finance called Getting a Grip on Your Money. It had a good run and now at the most important ideas from the book are posted for the benefit of all.

About William C. Wood

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On this page are a few random things that interest me -- I hope they interest you, too. Here are posts on life and culture, or you can "Read more" about my individual story below:

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Opting out of the race

Conventional economics invokes the idea of a race between our limited means and our unlimited wants. Let’s run faster and spend more! But what if we opt out of that race, finding ways to get more satisfaction without consuming more? On this site I explore these ideas, plus themes from popular culture and other random thoughts.


The English language needs a new word, for the celebration of excess that occurs every December. I have suggested “Excessmas,” and my suggestion was published in The Wall Street Journal. Here’s a link to my article: Merry Excessmas!

James Madison Christian Faculty Fellowship

The James Madison Christian Faculty Fellowship is a group of Christian faculty and staff members at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I serve as webmaster. Let me know if you’d like to receive notice of meetings.

Teachers can be millionaires, too

This article I wrote with Mark Schug is one of the most popular in the history of the journal that published it, Social Education. Here’s a link to the entire article: Teachers Can Be Millionaires, Too.