Survey: What would attract a caregiver pair?

Elements that would help attract caregivers for live-in positions, in a house with two sets of caregivers and only one or two special needs adults (pick your top three):

    1. Free rent

    2. Compensation for time spent in caregiving

    3. The ability to be isolated, acoustically and physically, from the rest of the home when off duty

    4. Don't "live-in" at all, but instead rent a house, with a subsidy, in the neighborhood

    5. The ability to cook and serve meals in one's own living space without using the big common kitchen

    6. Opportunities to earn additional income hosting small-group events in the large common area.

    7. Free use of an extra car, eliminating the expense for a couple of having another car

    8. The satisfaction of knowing you're helping solve an important problem

    9. A housing fund, contributed to monthly, that would help a young individual or couple buy a first home after moving out.