High school lessons

High school economics lessons

Lesson: How Has the Constitution Shaped the Economic System In The United States?
Concepts: economics, civics, private property, free enterprise, choice, self-interest motive, competition, markets, prices, role of government
From Focus on Economics: Civics and Government

Lesson: What Are the Economic Functions Of Government?
Concepts:  economics, civics, economic functions of government
From Focus on Economics: Civics and Government

Lesson:  Why Nations Trade
Concepts: economics, geography, opportunity cost, absolute advantage, comparative advantage, specialization, terms of trade
From Focus on Economics: Geography

Lesson: Limiting Trade
Concepts: economics, geography, tariffs, quotas, embargoes, licensing requirements, standards (health and safety), subsidies, infant industry, strategic industry, exports, imports, terms of trade
From Focus on Economics: Geography

Lesson: Places and Production
Concepts: economics, geography, gross domestic product (GDP), choropleth map, measure of value, double counting, final goods and services, flow of product, consumer spending
From Focus on Economics: Geography

Lesson: What Is a Stock? or Who Owns McDonalds?
Concepts: economize, ownership, profit, risk, social studies, language arts
From Learning for the Market: Integrating the Stock Market Game Across the Curriculum

Reading: How Can Entrepreneurs Control Costs?
Concepts: business, accounting, economics, fixed costs, variable costs
From Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Economy

Lesson: How Can Big Business Make Money From Tariffs?
Concepts: economics, American history, incentives, tariffs, special interest groups
From Focus on Economics: U. S. History

Lesson:  Prohibition Then; MADD Today
Concepts: economics, American history, choice, costs/benefits, incentives, externalities
(social consequences)
From Focus on Economics: U. S. History

Lesson: Andersonville Prison:  An Economic Microcosm
Concepts: American history, scarcity, economic wants, markets, prices, economic systems, command economy, market economy

Lesson on The Economic Value of Education: Is the Tassel Worth the Hassle?
Concepts: consumer economics, choice, opportunity cost, incentives

Lesson on Privatizing Schools:  Schools For Sale
Concepts: economics, government, public goods, incentives, private goods, economic efficiency, costs

Demand and Supply On-line
Concepts: economics, demand, supply, equilibrium, income, prices, diminishing marginal utility

Lesson: Crossing Borders: The Globalization Debate (Grades 9-12)
Concepts: Benefits, Costs, Globalization
From: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis http://www.stlouisfed.org/education_resources/assets/lesson_plans/08ITV_Globalization.pdf

Lesson: Currency and the Fed (Grades 8-12)
Concepts: Currency features and history, Federal Reserve System, Functions of money
From: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Lesson: The Economic Way of Thinking (Grades 9-12)
Concepts: Consumers, Cost-benefit analysis, Incentives, Producers, Saving, Scarcity
From: Foundation for Teaching Economics http://www.fte.org/teacher-resources/lesson-plans/rslessons/the-economic-way-of-thinking/

Lesson: Who Desegregated Major League Baseball: Adam Smith or Jackie Robinson? (Grades 9-12)
Concepts: Competition, Cartel, “Invisible Hand”, Labor Market, Monopoly, Monopsony, Profit, Market
From: Economic Episodes in American History

More high school lessons

Lesson collection: Personal Finance Education for Teens (Grades 9-12)
Concepts: Personal Finance, Decision Making, Spending, Selected Spending Topics
From: Incharge.org

Great resources for teen merchants and entrepreneurs:

A set of resources for teaching the Stock Market Game:

Good summary and collection: Free Online Economic Resources for Kids
From: answers.com

Finally, a K-12 lesson list: