About the “Plain Money” approach

The best things
that you can do financially are often surprisingly simple. They involve getting control of your budget and avoiding mistakes. They also involve putting money in its proper place — which is not first place in anyone’s life!

Getting a Grip on Your Money
is a book showing how you can simplify your finances and worry less, published by InterVarsity Press. This site accompanies the book, which is distinctively Christian in its approach, but also has tips anyone can use.

It’s important
not to invest money in the market that you have to turn around and pull out. So, you should have a good handle on your finances before you invest. Go to the Topics section for ideas and links to resources, organized step-by-step according to the chapters in Getting a Grip on Your Money.

If you’re already prepared
to commit investment funds to the market, go to the For Investors section and look at an investment strategy so powerful that those peddling other investment products will be embarrassed if you ask about it.

Why am I doing this?
Good question! I strongly encourage you to question the motives of anyone giving out financial advice, including me. I am a university professor, author and financial advisor. There are two things I have discovered in my professional work that I want the rest of the world to know:

  1. Most people would be better off if they simplified their financial lives, and I have found some methods that help.
  2. Everyone would be better off by putting money in its proper place — which is way behind the more important things in life, such as faith, friendship and love.

Yes, I have made some money with my book on this subject. However, to me the spreading of knowledge is just as important as making money. After you have read Getting a Grip on Your Money, pass it on to a friend!