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The enduring wisdom of “Buy and Hold”

In my book, I recommend not investing in the stock market until you have your financial house in order and are willing to let the money stay in the market. And once you’ve reached that point, you buy and hold.

Recent events again confirm the wisdom of this position. Those who tried to flee the market meltdown of fall 2008 were, in general, too late. The panicked news coverage followed the worst declines. So an investor who read the coverage and then pulled out was “selling low.” That same investor, who won’t get back into the market until things look more optimistic, will at that time be “buying high.”

Do you see the pattern? “Buy high, sell low.” That’s a sure route to ruin. When all this turmoil clears, count on it: Those who do the best will be those who followed the sound advice of “buy and hold.”

And, one more thing: Suppose someone sold after the first ten percent of a market decline, and then bragged about having missed the worst of the decline after the market went down another ten or 20 percent. That bragging would turn to regret over longer periods of time, if history is any guide.